I had to write a short piece in my impression of leadership for a recent course at University of New South Wales. I thought I would useful to post it here for myself and others to read. I’ll be writing much more interesting content in the future related to psychology, coding and startups which is my current passion.

By leadership I mean the ability to capture and maintain the attention of individuals and groups and inspire them to achieve individual and group goals. I have come to this definition through my own experience, together with my education in psychology and training.

To engage in effective leadership, one must understand how people think, feel and decide. It is essential to understand the weaknesses and strengths of individuals and find how they can best form groups and teams, how they can form outcomes and goals that are acceptable to themselves, their team and the world at large.

I admire my father when he was in a leadership role. He knew how to give instructions which forced a person to learn for themselves. He would not just tell them the steps or instructions but would give them just enough to make them think and figure it for themselves. He would make minimal necessary suggest at seemingly just at the right time – that would be worth modeling.