Find following some notes I took for the UNSW Center for Innovation (CIE) course on entrepreneurship and innovation (STRE2010). It was also recommended by Bart Jellema, founder of who is facilitating a program called the UNSW Startup Games in 2013 which is sponsored by New South Innovations.


Make Meaning in Your Company

Don’t Write a Mission Statement, Write a Mantra

Get Up and Get Going!

The New Business Model

Weave a MAT and Outline Your Priorities

Know Thyself and Niche Thyself

Make a Great Pitch

Who to Hire

Lower the Barriers to Adoption

Seed the Clouds and Watch the Sales Grow

Be a Mensch

Funding Choices

How Do You Find Evangelists?

How Do You Find Soul Mates?

The Career Path to Becoming a Venture Capitalist or an Entrepreneur

Experience Is Overrated