Australia has the most innovative entrepreneurs in the world, but they often migrate to Silicon Valley to bring their ideas to life. Entrepreneurs are the secret to Australia’s future success. But, students often leave university without the skills or contacts to start their own business. In addition, many students are encouraged to pursue traditional careers and do not have the skills or courage to pursue their dreams.

New South Innovations (NSi) at the University of New South Wales have aligned with Australian start-up luminary Bart Jellema’s to create the UNSW Startup Games, to support students in bringing their idea to life.

Bart Jellema, a pivotal figure in the Australian start-up scene, rose to fame in 2011 when his startup, was purchased by Internet Brands. Since that time his personal mission has been to nurture the Australian tech startup community.

In this program selected students learn from experienced entrepreneurs how to brain storm, build prototypes, network, form teams and much more.

Some of the companies that have emerged since starting this program include: StartupGenie, a system for help startups find resources to do it right; Ezybaba, a database of reliable factories in China with profiles of the owners, licensing, and system of trust; Pegasus, an advanced helmet with inbuilt communication system and head-up display; and Pokomote, an advanced smart pet feeding system that allows owners to check on their pets and feed them via internet video.

This Saturday 25th May, 2013, the remaining teams will be pitching their ideas to a panel of investors that they had to organise, friends, fellow students, and members of the Sydney startup scene. Entry is open and it is free to attend. We encourage those interested to come and support their entrepreneurial students.